U.S. Laboratories
U.S. Laboratories

Management Staff

Roger Newbury
(508) 583-2000, ext. 501

Jeff Barton
Vice President/Regional General Manager
MobilexUSA and U.S. Laboratories
(508) 583-2000, ext. 534
Jeff has been with U.S. Laboratories since
2003 and previously worked for a large
laboratory company and in the bio tech industry.

Tracey Agrella
Client Services Manager
(508) 583-2000, ext. 600
Tracey joined U.S. Laboratories in 2001
after 12 years in management in the
financial services industry. She currently oversees a team of 10 client service representatives.

Diane Barrett
Logistics Manager
(508) 583-2000, ext. 520
Diane has been with U.S. Laboratories since 2003 and currently oversees all logistics for the courier, dispatch and phlebotomy departments.

Dr. Hanmin Lee
Laboratory Director
(508) 583-2000, ext. 582
Dr. Lee has been the laboratory director at U.S. Laboratories since 1992. He received his MS in nutritional biochemistry and Ph.D. in biochemistry from Cornell University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School and he has been certified by NRCC as a toxicological chemist.

Lynne Morley
Billing Manager
(508) 583-2000, ext. 516
Lynne joined U.S. Laboratories in 1998 and oversees all billing operations. She is a member of both the Compliance and Safety Committees and is the certified trainer for the Sun Healthcare Group Customer Service Initiative.

Lynn Sarcione
Human Resources Coordinator
(508) 583-2000, ext. 507
Lynn has been with U.S. Laboratories since 2004. Previously, Lynn was a human resources coordinator and administrative assistant with a financial institution for 10 years.

Marlene Plathe
Laboratory Manager
(508) 583-2000, ext. 581

Rachel Carey
(508) 583-2000, ext. 545